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Popular Products

  • 5 SMD 5050 Ultra Bright LED
  • 12VDC Wedge Base - Polarized
  • Black PCB Epoxy Board for durability
  • Operation voltage range: 10V DC ~ 15.8V DC
  • Size 30 x 12mm (LxW)
  • Choose your color: Red, Blue, White, Amber, Warm White
  • UPC: 0803942370213
  • Patented AGT - CREE 5W LEDs - Give off the most light output than any other car LED bulb on the market
  • Provides Wide Angle light perfect for ATV Motorcycle Headlights.
  • 400 Lumens light output surpass all other LED bulbs on the market!
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Long Life - Low Heat using CREE R5 LED Chip - Its much brighter then Q5 used by other sellers. Also, watch out for sellers who sell fake CREE Chips.



Latest News 4:41PM GMT 14 Dec 2012

Do Xenon lights require automatic levelling? Further to recent emails concerning beam adjustment and bi-xenon lights, my factory fitted lights have washers and automatic levelling that I read is required under motoring law. All retro fitted kits don't seem to point this out when selling them, is it a failure point under the MoT? It is difficult to see how self-levelling could be fitted to those cars without replacing the whole headlamp unit. I only ever get dazzled by Xenons from cars that seem not to have the self-levelling facility. I have never been flashed by other drivers approaching me. A manual knob is not sufficient, up and over hills are not adjusted immediately, and I don't see how self-levelling can help when going over the brow of a hill. I will say that the extra illumination on kerbless country roads by the beam shape is invaluable. But automatic self-adjustors don't work very well. They are usually too slow on an undulating road and often fail completely.

NH, Old Windsor



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